why-canadaThe Canadian & World Studies Department offers courses and opportunities that seek to develop a greater awareness of the world and Canada’s role within it. Framed by the Catholic faith, our courses, trips and events aim to not only examine issues from a geographical, political, legal and historical perspective, but also from moral and ethical standpoints as well. Students are presented with engaging opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills in order to investigate events, both past and present, and to challenge their current understanding of the world in which we live.

Department Members 2018-2019:

Ms. M. Campanelli-Civics & Law                                          Ms. D. Dewar-Geography

Mr. A. DiNardo-Geography, History & Civic                       Mr. M. Fuciarelli-History, Politics & Law

Ms. M. Hofmann-Geography                                               Mr. M. Johnston-Geography

Ms. J. Lepore-History                                                            Mr. S. Livingston-History & Law

Ms. J. Lukey-Geography                                                       Ms. B. Marcijus-Geography

Ms. S. Roe-History                                                                 Ms. S. Sferlazza-History

Ms. C. Sutherland-History & Civics                                     Ms. K. Thomson-Geography & Civics


Thinking about taking History, Law, Politics or Geography after Grade 10?

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The JV Knights Historical Society takes place every 2nd Thursday in Room 205.


Listen to announcements for details or follow us on Twitter @JVhistoryclub or see Ms. Lepore or Mr. Fuciarelli. 

New members are always welcome!


Interested in joining Model UN.  See Ms. Campanelli in Room 204 for details.