Delivery of science curriculum is divided into four general disciplines, namely: biology, chemistry, earth/space sciences, and physics. In grade 9 and 10 all four disciplines are introduced in individual units.

In grades 11 and 12 each of these disciplines is offered separately and provides a more detailed survey of 5 distinct areas within the discipline. For example, biology would discover genetics, evolution, plants, metabolic processes, body systems. Chemistry, for example would, investigate structure of matter, reactions, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, equilibrium. Physics for example would examine forces, electricity, and magnetism.

Science is a pathway for many post- secondary programs and is for many students an interesting subject unto itself. Laboratory investigations, dissections, student projects and multimedia as well as other activities are employed in discovering the fascinating world of science.

Teacher List

  • Mr. Sartori – Department Head
  • Mr. Agro
  • Mr. Babic
  • Ms. Bak
  • Ms. Bobanovic
  • Ms. Bond
  • Ms. Cornacchione
  • Mr. Di Palma
  • Mrs. Fleming
  • Ms. Lombard
  • Mr. Pray
  • Mrs. Tschirhart
  • Ms. Zimmerman