Who do you say that I am? 

(Matthew 16: 15)

Welcome to the Religion/Social Sciences/Humanities Department at Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School. This department offers a variety of interesting courses taught by dedicated and caring teachers. 


At Jean Vanier, our hope is to help students discover the religious ideas expressed in our Catholic world view. Our curriculum encourages students to continue to build loving relationships and to recognize their call to live an ethical life guided by the Gospel principles of equity, dignity and respect for all of God’s creations.

All Religion courses offered at Jean Vanier reflect the expectations outlined by the Institute for Catholic Education and its 2006 Religious Education Policy Document. Courses in grades 9 through 12 are supported with textbooks and resources provided by our Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.


We offer various courses that explore concepts and issues in the areas of Social Sciences and Humanities. Students will gain insights on topics that concern human interactions, decision-making and behaviours from various perspectives. As they develop valuable critical thinking and research skills, students will analyse how current issues impact our 21st Century world and how Canadians are meeting the challenges of the ever-changing global environment.

 Courses Offered at Jean Vanier 2014-2015

  • Religion – HRE10, HRE20, HRT3M, HRF30, HRE40, HRE4M
  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology – HSP3U, HSP3C
  • Individuals and Families – HHS4U
  • Human Growth Throughout the Lifespan – HHG4M
  • Introduction to Family Studies –  HIF20
  • Raising Healthy Children –  HPC30
  • Food and Nutrition –   HFA4U, HFA4C

Ontario’s Catholic education system is not a duplicate of other school systems. While it adheres to Ministry of Education requirements, it does so from a Catholic perspective.             (OCSTA & OECTA & The Catholic Dioceses of Ontario, ©2009)

Teacher List

  • C. Amlinger
  • C. Anzit
  • A. Brayson
  • N. Chircoski
  • V. DeIullius
  • C. Edwards
  • J. Gaweda
  • C. Petrusa
  • S. Roberts
  • S. Roe
  • R. Tassone
  • T. DiGiuseppe