Final examinations are held in January for semester 1 courses and in June for semester 2 courses.  Students must write an examination or have a final evaluation for each course in which they are enrolled.  If a student misses an examination due to illness, a medical certificate must be submitted to the school administration in order to schedule an alternate date for writing the examination.  If a student is truant from the examination, or does not submit a medical certificate, the examination will not be rescheduled and a mark of zero (0) on the examination will be assigned.


Students are required to write examinations as scheduled.  It is the responsibility of parents, guardians, and students to plan vacations and employment so they do not conflict with exams and culminating activities.




During the course of the school year parents or guardians of each student will be informed of their son/daughter’s progress as follows:


                Curriculum Night September
                Progress Report October
                Mid-term Report November
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences November
                Term I Final Report February
                Progress Report March
                Mid-term Report April

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Term II Final Report July