The English department at Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School offers courses and opportunities that focus on the development of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life.  In each of our courses we emphasize the development of listening, speaking, viewing, reading and writing skills through our exploration of a wide variety of texts.  The texts have been selected to engage and challenge our students, providing them with opportunities to explore issues that affect them as individuals and members of their local and global communities with the guidance of our teachers.  We encourage our students to recognize that the skills taught in the English class are transferrable to all other courses of study in high school and post-secondary, as well as their daily lives.

Courses Offered:

Grade 9:  ENG 1D (Academic), ENG 1P (Applied), ENG 1L (Essential)

Grade 10:  ENG 2D, ENG 2P, ENG 2L

Grade 11:  ENG 3U (University), NBE3U (University), ENG 3C (College), ENG 3E (Workplace),

EMS 3O (Media Studies), EPS 3O (Presentation and Speaking Skills)

Grade 12:  ENG 4U, ENG 4C, ENG 4E, EWC 4U (Writer’s Craft)


The Moderns department at Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary school offers courses and opportunities for students to experience the language and culture of Canada’s other official language as well as Italian.  Knowledge of a second language provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their first language skills, enhance their critical and creative thinking abilities and to become more knowledgeable and respectful of other cultures.  In addition, the ability to communicate in another language provides students with a distinct advantage in a number of careers, both in Canada and internationally.  The Moderns courses aim to prepare students to perform effectively in the challenging world they will face by providing them with the skills they will need to communicate in a second language.  Students are encouraged to join the “Paris Knights” French Club to engage in cultural activities that will strengthen their leadership skills, and broaden their cultural appreciation of the language.

Courses Offered:

Grade 9:  FSF 1D (Core French Academic),  FSF 1P (Core French Applied),

Grade 10:  FSF 2D, FEF 2D

Grade 11:  FSF 3U (Core French University)

Grade 12:  FSF 4U (Core French University)

Open to Grades 10-12: LWI  (Introduction to Italian)

English Teachers:

Ms. M. Amato

Ms. C. Anzit (ESL)

Mrs. J. Bell

Mrs. J. Broadley

Ms. L. Burrows (ESL)

Mr.  P. Crisostimo

Mrs. S. Dinner

Ms. S.J. Evans

Mr.  M. Fuciarelli

Ms. A. Gonsalves

Mrs. M. Korczak

Ms. J. Lukey

Mrs. J. McGillivray

Mrs. A. Smith

Modern Teachers:

Ms.  P. Beam

Ms.  A. Commisso

Ms. D. Robinson

Ms. V. Warren