Vanier Theatre Knights

The Vanier Theatre Knights provides students the opportunity to bring shows to life on the Jean Vanier Stage. In the process, lessons are learned, friendships are formed and audiences are entertained, educated as well as enlightened. Join us and PLAY ON!


Grade 10 Dramatic Arts

This course introduces students to the concepts of drama and theatre as well as provides foundations in tableau, movement, voice and speech as well as aspects of ritual and theatre history.

Grade 11 Dramatic Arts

Building upon the foundation laid in the Grade 10 program, this course furthers the study of drama through acting approaches, staging techniques as well as the eras of theatre history.

Grade 12 Dramatic Arts

This course continues the study of approaches to acting as well as staging scenes. Other styles of theatre such as Theatre of the Absurd are explored and staged. Students also look into and prepare for post-secondary theatrical paths.

Grade 11 Musical Theatre

This is an introduction to the theatrical style of musical theatre which uses song, dance and movement to enhance the overall storytelling quality of a show. The early days of musical theatre history are explored and applied to solo, duo and small group performances.

Grade 12 Musical Theatre

A continuation of the Grade 11 program, this course further explores the world of Musical Theatre looking at the use of adaptation, song posts and the development of character as well as developing a critical eye and informed opinion.

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