Teacher List

    • Ms. S. Sabo-Mann, Department Head
    • Mr. Crisostimo
    • Mr. DiNardo
    • Mrs. Hihn
    • Mr. R. Lopez
    • Mr. A Page
    • Mr. M. Perosevic
    • Mrs. V. Slee
    • Mrs. C. Sutherland
    • Mr. Szczygiel
    • Mrs. S. Tracey


The Business Studies curriculum in Grades 9 to 12 offers a range of courses that focus on development of knowledge and skills in five critical areas:

  • business skills
  • communication in a business environment
  • digital literacy
  • financial literacy
  • ethical, moral, and legal considerations in business

The Business Studies program at Jean Vanier  provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve success in secondary school, the workplace, post-secondary education or training, and daily life.

The Business Studies program will build a strong foundation for those who wish to move on to further study and training in specialized areas such as management, international business, marketing, accounting, information and communication technology, or entrepreneurship. It will also provide practical skills for those who wish to move directly into the workplace.

Students are motivated and learn best when they understand the relevance of what they are studying. The Business Studies program provides rich opportunities for relevant, real-world learning experiences.

Course Offerings

Grade 9:

  • BTT1O1 – Information and Communication Technology in Business

Grade 10:

  • BBI1O1 – Introduction to Business

Grade 11:

  • BDI3C1 – Entrepreneurship
  • BMI3C1 – Marketing: Goods, Services and Events

    Gr 11 Marketing Taste Test

  • BAFM1 – Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • CIE3M1 – Economics

Grade 12:

  • BTA4M1 – Financial Accounting Principles
  • BBB4M1 – International Business Fundamentals
  • BOH4M1 – Business Leadership – Management Fundamentals
  • CIA4U1 – Economics
  • IDC4UB – Personal Financial Management
  • IDC4UM – Sports & Entertainment Marketing

For detailed course descriptions and prerequisites please visit the Student Services tab of this website. Click here for a brochure of course descriptions.

Business Courses Brochure grade 10 11.

Business Courses Brochure grade 12.

BUSINESS STUDIES CERTIFICATE: The Business Studies Certificate can be earned by Grade 12 students who have successfully completed 5 Business Studies (including Economics) courses.

Interested in pursuing business opportunities outside of school?Check these sites out …

CPA Ontario High School Ambassador Program (free to join)

Join the High Schoolcpa-o Ambassador Program to learn more about the Chartered Professional Accountant designation, career opportunities, and helpful education and recruitment tips for your career journey. Remember to access exclusive networking events and contests like No LimitsCOIN, CPA Showcase, CPA Insta Challenge, and Write to Ignite.



Junior Achievement:

The Junior Achievement “The Company” program starts the week of November 3rd  and runs for 18 weeks, meeting once per week. This is an excellent opportunity to work with industry mentors to help you launch and run your own business.This is an extra-curricular offered outside of the school community and is offered at various sites in Halton and Mississauga. You must self register at the JA website if you are interested. There is no cost to register. Go to the following site to get more details and to register: www.jacocompanyprogram.org . This link explains how the program runs week-by-week: https://www.jaworldwide.org/ja-works/Pages/JA-Company-Program.aspx